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Seven reasons you should seriously consider becoming an advisor with

Within the next five years, as many as one fourth of clinical lab professionals are expected to retire.(1) This staggering fact is made even more acute when one considers that current job vacancy rates within clinical laboratories are already 4-11%, with laboratory supervisor vacancy rates reaching as high as 10%.(2), (3)

In spite of this dearth of talented lab professionals, healthcare continues to change at breakneck speeds. Shifts in reimbursement, organizational structure, and healthcare delivery models are piled on top of the rapid evolution of technology and biological understanding, pushing laboratories to continually evaluate new tests, platforms, technologies, and testing algorithms. In the face of all of these pressures, clinical lab professionals continue to make do with less, taking on additional shifts and/or second jobs within the laboratory, deploying automation and IT in new ways, and hiring outside consultants to fill in any gaps in knowledge or skill.

The most important loss from this worsening workforce shortage may not stem from skilled technicians, but, rather, from the loss of laboratory supervisors and directors. Now, more than ever, their leadership, expertise, and specialized knowledge is needed to guide the future of laboratory medicine. 

If the statistics on job vacancies or lab training programs give us any insight, the talent pool in the industry is limited and only getting worse. So here’s my question for you: 

Why not make better use of the talent we have?

At, we propose a unique solution to the workforce shortage: on-demand help and advice from world-class lab professionals. We’re empowering the best and brightest lab professionals with new software tools, so they can easily and conveniently give remote consultations (via phone call, video chat, or email). All of our advisors are interviewed, vetted, and have their credentials verified. Moreover, we track success rates from every call and, when provided, post reviews on our site.     

All of this brings me to my pitch. Do you have a specialization or unique experience that may benefit the community? Do people routinely come to you for your expertise? Few have time to fly around the world helping labs get established and trained, but do you have enough flexibility in your schedule for a few phone calls, a video chat, or to respond to questions by email?  

If so, let me give you seven reasons you should consider becoming an advisor with

(1) Your community needs you. As our baby boomer colleagues begin to retire, and we lose some of our most seasoned lab professionals, who will step in the gap as healthcare forces new challenges upon us? 

(2) You have something to give. Whether you’ve been in the lab for five years or twenty, your experience, expertise, and perspective are valuable. From familiarity with various platforms or software, to proficiency in method development, to being savvy in matters of compliance, you’ve got something to give.  

(3) It’s interesting work. When you’re an advisor with, you’ll get to consult with labs from all across the US (and the world). If you’re looking for interesting work and new challenges without having to give up your day job, this is for you.

(4) Get a broader view. Picture this: in one week, you’re advising an independent lab in Florida on which platform they should purchase, a community hospital in North Dakota prepping for a lab inspection, and an industry partner on which direction to go with their product development for new laboratory equipment. See a much larger picture of what’s happening in the lab community as an advisor

(5) Meet others. Carry your networking through the rest of the year, even outside of the annual conferences that you attend. Meet new people across the industry and country.

(6) Make a nice supplemental income. All of our advisors are paid generously for their consulting. You bring the expertise, we bring the demand and software. 

(7) Help is just a click away. In addition to advising, I’d also like to suggest you consider using for advice. Take a look through our directory of expert advisors. When you’re about to make that next big decision and you need to discreetly and quickly get access to guidance, remember that help and advice are just a click away.

Become an Advisor

If you’d like to apply or see more information about becoming an advisor visit our Become an Advisor page.
Tabetha Sundin

Tabetha Sundin

Molecular Diagnostics Scientific Director, Sentara Healthcare

Tabetha Sundin is a scientific doctor and writer with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare sector. She has served as a Scientific Director for Sentara Healthcare, an Integrated Delivery Network in Virginia, covering both Molecular Diagnostics and Serology laboratories.
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