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Lab Advocate Program

Empower your best customers to win over clients through the power or peer-to-peer advocacy.

On-demand Intelligence

Real-time Customer feedback for your product development or commercial strategy.

Lab Advocate Program

Let Your Advocates Close the Deal

Sponsor a customer advocate to help with “bottom of the funnel” opportunities. Your advocate can share his/her positive experience with your product, answer your potential clients’ questions, and use the power of peer-to-peer influence to make more deals happen.

Incentivize Your Advocates

You customer advocate loves your product, wants to speak for you, but is also very busy. Sponsoring your customer advocates through the Clinical Lab Advisor Lab Advocate Program, gives them an incentive to speak for you (as they’re paid for each call they perform) and simplifies the process. Your prospective client simply books time directly with the advocate on their integrated calendar through the Clinical Lab Advisor platform.


We can help with that!

Tell us a little about your question or project and we’ll find the right advisor for you.

On-demand Intelligence

Assumptions: Validated

You’re developing products, crafting marketing messaging, and building strategies to reach the clinical lab community. Validate your assumptions fast and affordably. Get your questions answered by world-class lab professionals. Confidently move your projects forward with validation from the market and experts in the field.

Your On-demand Advisory Board

Healthcare is going through a period of unprecedented change, from shifts in reimbursement and organizational structure to healthcare delivery models. In all this change and ambiguity, tap one of our trusted and verified advisors for the feedback and expertise you need. All advisors agree to strict non-disclosure and calls can be recorded for convenience and reference.

Show & Tell

Clinical Lab Advisors are available for video conferencing. Whether you’re showcasing your new marketing campaign, getting feedback on a product design, or gauging the response to a new set of data, rapid feedback has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clinical Lab Advisor track Sunshine Act reporting for me?

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act OPEN PAYMENTS program requires transparency of any financial interactions between physicians or hospitals with any applicable manufacturers of covered biologicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and supplies that participate in federal healthcare programs and any ownership or investment interests in group purchasing organizations (GPO’s).

The term “physician” applies to any actively licensed MD, DO, DCM, DPM, DDS, DMD and OD. The majority of advisors on the CLA platform are not covered recipients, and therefore are not Sunshine reportable. However, when doing micro-consultations with licensed physicians on the CLA platform, it is the responsibility of the company soliciting advice to report these transfers of value in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Clinical lab advisor neither tracks nor submits any Sunshine reportable transfers of value on behalf of a client. If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].


  • Making decisions only from market research reports.
  • Over-leveraging the same customers to test every assumption.
  • Missing out on the divergent thinking of other industry experts.


  • Get advice from world class lab professionals quickly, privately and affordably.
  • The only company focused on the clinical laboratory.
  • 5x less expensive that other providers.
  • Pay with credit card or purchase order.

"The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization's ability to learn faster than the competition."

― Peter M. Senge, MIT School of Management