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Our Mission

Clinical Lab Advisor is making the world’s top clinical lab expertise accessible to all. Our team of industry veterans and developers is building a platform for the efficient access of top clinical lab consultants and practitioners to support laboratories across the world.

Healthcare is going through a period of unprecedented change, forcing healthcare systems, and the clinical laboratories that serve them, to adapt to shifts in reimbursement, organizational structure, and healthcare delivery models. In addition to these staggering changes, technology and scientific understanding of disease are advancing at speeds never before seen, pushing laboratories to continually evaluate new tests, platforms, technologies, and testing algorithms.

As these pressures converge, clinical lab professionals need to tap into the expertise of various specialists to keep pace. Whether the lab needs guidance in compliance, assay design, billing, legal, healthcare IT, or method development, they can quickly find and access the expertise they need in the Clinical Lab Advisor platform.


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How Does Clinical Lab Advisor Work?

Find an Advisor

Clinical Lab Advisor gives you the resources to access top clinical lab experts at your convenience. By leveraging our database of experts, you can find the advisor best suited to you. View their profiles to determine an advisor’s experience, skills, and past reviews and book the one with the expertise you require.

Schedule a Call

When you wish to schedule a call, simply find an available time in the advisor’s posted schedule and book it. It’s that simple. Don’t worry – the call can be rescheduled with no penalty, if needed.


The cost of the advisor’s time is posted on their profile and transparent throughout the process. Pay only for what you need, and book more time when required.

Video Conference

On the day of the meeting, both parties will receive an email containing the link to join the video conference. Login. Call and/or share your screen with your advisor, and get the support you need to move forward.

Benefits of the Platform

Privacy & Anonymity

All the details of your questions & discussions are hidden from public view, and remain completely private between you and the advisor.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ll happily match you with another advisor if you feel that your request wasn’t adequately fulfilled.

Featured Advisors

Tabetha Sundin

Molecular Microbiology

Jeremy Johnston

Anatomic Pathology

Carolyn Gillespie


Ted Schutzbank

Laboratory Diagnostics

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Clinical Lab Advisor?

Clinical Lab Advisor is an on-demand expertise platform that helps laboratory and industry professionals learn faster by connecting with world-class lab professionals in any area of expertise.

The basic engagement is a 1-1 Live consultation (via phone or video chat).
Experts get paid based on a rate they set on their CLA account.

How do I book an advisor?

You can use our platform to connect with advisors directly.  On each advisor profile you will be able to see their rate and you can book a consultation with them directly.

Can I request an advisor’s email address or phone number?

No. Communicating “Off-Platform” is restricted in the client services agreement and can jeopardize that advisor’s relationship with Clinical Lab Advisor.

How do I change my password?

To change your password follow these steps:

  1. Sign in and navigate to your Store Management page.
  2. Under “Configuration,” you will find “User Settings.” 
  3. Within “User Settings,” you can change your Password.
What Internet browsers support Clinical Lab Advisor?

The Clinical Lab Advisor website is accessible across all browsers. However, for live 1-to-1 sessions, you will need to be using either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers to get this feature to function correctly.

What if I can't find an advisor?

At Clinical Lab Advisor, we want to help you find the right advisor faster. Here’s two great features that will dramatically improve your ability to find the best expert for you as fast as possible:

  1. Sorting, Filtering & Sharing.

Clinical Lab Advisor allows you to search for any advisor using advanced filters & sorts. 
2. Clinical Lab Advisor is always building our roster or world-class lab professionals. If you have an area of need for which we do not currently have sufficient advisors, please email us at [email protected] to let us know.

Is Clinical Lab Advisor compatible with mobile devices?

Yes. The Clinical Lab Advisor Management System and your Clinical Lab Advisor site are both mobile friendly. Your clients can attend live 1-to-1 sessions via any Apple or Android mobile device.

Get Questions Answered

Through our secure platform, have phone or video calls with your advisor and get the clarity you need.